Simon Reeve Illness? Health Condition Explored

Simon Alan Reeve, better known by his stage name Simon Reeve, is a British journalist, author, documentarian, explorer, and television host.

Reeve produces documentaries about the environment and international travel and is the author of numerous books about modern history, terrorism, and various adventures.

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was the only event for which he was the first and only author to provide documentation.

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Reeve’s numerous television shows and series for the BBC are also well-known. His most well-liked ones are listed below.

What Illness Is Simon Reeve Affected With?

What Illness Is Simon Reeve Affected With?

When Simon Reeve shared a video of his heart scan and explained that he was looking for any vegetation growth, it alarmed his fans.

The explorer made it clear that the vegetation growth was undesirable before giving the all-clear by stating that he was fine.

Even so, his followers continued to worry. They left worried remarks in the adventurer’s mentions, comments, and retweets while simultaneously expressing relief that he was fine and concern for his wellbeing.

Despite Reeve’s silence regarding his illness, many think he contracted this “Exotic illness” while on one of his business trips. It is not surprising that Reeve could have acquired something exotic given his travels to all corners of the globe and the nations therein.

Reeve has had a few incidences of illness while traveling, so this is nothing new. Infamously, Reeve contracted malaria while circumnavigating the equator.

Despite not suffering significantly, the traveler is fortunate to still be alive because malaria is one of the world’s most deadly diseases.

He did, however, gain knowledge from his experience, as he later rose to the position of ambassador for the Malaria Awareness Campaign.

Given his extensive travels across the various locations, climes, and zones of the planet, it’s surprising that Reeve hasn’t fallen ill more frequently than he has. He has a strong will.

Information on Simon Reeve’s illness and state of health

After being diagnosed with this “Exotic” illness, Simon Reeve has not made many public comments regarding his health.

However, the traveler had to spend some time in the hospital because this unusual illness was so severe. Reeve visited the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, where the infection specialists and microbiology team examined him.

Reeve claimed that since contracting malaria in 2006, he had not felt this bad. According to his tweets, the adventurer felt the worst of the illness’s effects between March and May.

The last time he discussed the “Exotic” illness publicly was in the tweet of his heart. Although his fans were interested in what the illness might be, the man has visited too many places to be able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with him. In addition to being ill, Reeve has encountered many hazardous circumstances as a result of the nature of his line of work and personality.

When he was only 21 years old, the man may have put himself in the greatest risk. Reeve launched his investigation into the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, citing the fearlessness of youth.

His book about Osama bin Laden was the first to be written about the terrorist, and it forewarned readers of many of the group’s apocalyptic deeds.

Reeve once followed a weapons dealer out of Gatwick airport when he was only 18 years old, even before the age of 21. When he was just a teenager, Reeve was already assisting a group of investigative journalists and working on nuclear and weapons smuggling investigations.

The fact that the adventurer has survived disease and the numerous other dangers he puts himself in on a regular basis both come as a surprise.

Who Is Simon Reeve’s Wife?

Anya Reeve, a former Green Party candidate and campaigner for television, is married to Simon Reeve.

Anya Reeve, formerly Anya Courts, is the Danish mother and well-known jeweler David Courts’ daughter.

While on the same team, Simon and Anya connected. As she filmed and conducted research behind the scenes while he was in front of the camera, the two would collaborate on Simon’s BBC travel documentaries.

The couple’s start was particularly passionate because the world traveler revealed that he saw her from across the room and fell in love at first sight.

He was 32 and she was 33 when they began dating. The explorer claimed that they started dating seriously right away because they both felt too old to be incompatible with their desires.

And the two both wanted to spend their lives with each other. Marriage was simple, and despite Reeve’s desire to remain in London, his wife—a native of the city—persuaded him to relocate to the countryside.

They made the decision to relocate to the country for two reasons: to live in a healthier environment and start a family.

But Simon and Anya were aware that getting pregnant might be challenging. Early on, Simon made it clear to Anya that he was willing to make concessions in all other areas but that he must have children.

Since he was a young boy, Reeve had fantasized about having children—and not just one, but an entire family.

Once they were married, Anya sat Simon down and explained that if they wanted children, they needed to become pregnant quickly but since biology was against them.

Even though it took Simon some time to process what Anya had said, they immediately began trying to conceive and tried for many months, but it wasn’t successful.

They sought advice from fertility specialists when Anya and Simon were 38 and 37, respectively, and when nothing worked, it was Simon who was the issue.

Simon completely changed his daily schedule, diet, and exercise regimen in an effort to make it work. After several months of sticking to the new routine, Simon and Anya gave birth to their son Jake.

How Much Is Simon Reeve’s Net Worth?

Simon Reeve has accumulated a net worth of $1.5 million through his numerous documentaries and books as of 2022.

The explorer made money from writing books, winning awards, and appearing in various documentaries.