What Is Erick Khan’s Net Worth? Age, Birthday, And Merch

Erick Khan is a YouTuber with a $5 million net worth.

He is well known for his love of cannabis and his enormous cannabis-related videos.

He has a huge social media following, with over 940K subscribers to his YouTube account alone.


Khan has a respectable following on various social media sites in addition to having more than 100K Instagram followers. He has been successful in building a devoted online following and is currently one of the top cannabis-related YouTube channels.

He is renowned for his product reviews of cannabis-related items including cartridges and pipes. He formerly resided in Texas, where it is prohibited to consume cannabis in any form. He thus relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he now resides.

He also runs a business selling different pipes and bongs with unique designs. Additionally, he frequently appears in the marijuana-related Pine Park podcast, which was started by the CEO of OpTic Gaming.

What Is Erick Khan’s Net Worth?

  • Erick Khan’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2022.
  • Khan’s work as a YouTuber is his main source of income.
  • He has 940K subscribers and a sizable fan base on his channel.
  • Khan makes between $705 and $11,300 per month and between $8,500 and $135,500 annually, according to Socialblade.
  • This is only one of many ways he makes money.
  • He is a businessman who supports the legalization of medical marijuana and sells a variety of cannabis-related goods online.
  • He is the creator of the GlassX app, an online marketplace for bidding on and buying glass art.
  • He is also the creator of the enormously well-liked Anova brand, which creates stunning and vibrant handmade pipes and bong accessories.
  • He also makes money from collaborations and product endorsements as a social media influencer.
  • On his YouTube channel and Instagram account, he advertises numerous products in exchange for a sizable commission.
  • More Erick Khan, Erick’s second YouTube channel, has 62K subscribers.
  • He discusses his collection of automobiles and everything pertaining to four-wheelers on this channel.
  • This demonstrates the American’s incredible prosperity over the years. ‘
  • In September 2019, he started the channel, and since then, he has posted over 20 videos.
  • Additionally, Hector Rodriguez, the CEO of OpTic Gaming, developed Pine Park, a cannabis market, and Erick is an active participant in it.
  • He frequently appears in the Pine Park podcast and has conversations with Rodriguez about a variety of subjects.

How Old Is Erick Khan?

Erick Khan is 23 years old and was born on February 1, 1999. His first upload was doing acid and he continued uploading videos until 2019. After that, he received a strike from YouTube and had to delete all his previous videos. Now, he only posts videos of cannabis and has age-restricted his content.

Erick Khan Dating Life- Who Is He Dating?

Erick Khan has not revealed any information about his girlfriend. He produces several designs of bongs and sells them via his online store and other stores such as Daily High Club and Rose Beaker XL.