Who Is Asher Yasbincek? What We Know About the Heartbreak High Cast

Asher Yasbincek is an up-and-coming Australian actress. Recently, it was revealed that she would appear in the Netflix series Heartbreak High.

Asher, an Australian actress, has had success in the film industry. Her performances have received tremendous praise from both audiences and critics. Every acting position Asher embarks on in the future helps her skills get better.

Asher plays the lead in “How to Please a Woman” as Chloe. Renée Webster wrote and directed the drama movie How to Please a Woman. The entire cast of this film consists of Sally Phillips

, Caroline Brazier, and Erik Thomson.

As she is preparing to appear in the Netflix series Heartbreak High, fans are starting to ask questions about her past and body of work. This program might help her advance professionally.

Asher Yasbincek Wikipedia: Career Of The Cast Of Heartbreak High

Australian actress Asher Yasbincek works as a professional. Since she joined the cast of Heartbreak High, she has begun to draw attention from fans.

Yasbincek is most known for playing the lead in the critically acclaimed Australian television series THE HEIGHTS for ABC. Over the course of two seasons and 26 episodes, she portrayed the well-liked and rebellious teen character “ROSE.”

Yasbincek’s performance helped the series win Most Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the 2020 Equity Ensemble Awards.

Yasbincek quickly established herself as the supporting lead “Sally” in the feature film RAMS, which opened the prestigious Australian film festival CINEFEST OZ in 2020.

Yasbincek made a name for herself as “Chloe,” the supporting actor alongside Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diaries) as her daughter, in the feature film HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN.

In November 2021, HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN will be available in the US. Yasbincek shot an American AMAZON television series in 2021. Her role in the series will be made known by 2021.

Asher Yasbincek Age: How Old Is The Actress?

By looking at her, Asher Yasbincek appears to be in her twenties. She was raised in Perth, Western Australia, where she was born.

According to the photographs and activities on her Instagram account, the actress appears young and active. She enjoys her work life.

Unfortunately, the actress’ precise age has not been confirmed because she has kept her birthdate and early professional history a secret. Other information outside her birthplace is not known.

Given that she made her acting debut in the 2019 film “ROSE,” the actress appears to have begun her career in that year. Since her role in ROSE, the actor has been actively pursuing her career.

The entertainment industry, on the other hand, attracted her interest from an early age. Significant career success for her has come from the Netflix series Heartbreak High.

Being a charming and skilled actor, she is currently in the ascending stage of her acting profession and is expected to have more opportunities to perform in films and series.

Does Asher Yasbincek have Boyfriend In 2022?

Asher Yasbincek appears to have a partner, according to fans. She shared a photo of herself hugging with Brodie Townsend.

She hasn’t, however, made it known how she feels about the public and the media. Brodie may be in one of her co-star photos as she enjoys sharing them.

Her photo with Brodie has received some beautiful responses from her fans. He might be his co-star, but she hasn’t shared any other photos of them together.

On the other side, Brodie hasn’t shared a single social media update with Asher. He is frequently photographed with Mia Healey, who she appears to be dating.

As a result, Asher is single at the time. She is presently concentrating on her profession but may in the future find the ideal companion.