What Is CJ So Cool’s Source of Income? Understanding The Net Worth of the YouTuber

CJ SO COOL is an American Youtuber known for his pranks, skits, and family vlogs.

His YouTube account has 8.86 million subscribers, and on average, he receives hundreds of millions of views per video.

In addition to showing his family, he has recently concentrated on vlogging his daily activities and family outings.

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However, CJ SO COOL rose to fame by responding to well-known viral videos and doing his best to restrain his laughter when seeing challenges and prank videos. Due to the prevalence of their reaction videos, he and his brother Jinx were once the most well-known YouTubers on the network.

But CJ SO COOL has moved his focus to other sorts of material with great success as the demand for reaction-based videos declined and Jinx took the brunt of the criticism.

How Does CJ SO COOL Make Money?

The majority of the money that the American YouTuber CJ SO COOL has earned has come through his channel.

According to the general trend, YouTube videos generate $2–$12 for every 1000 monetized views in the US, UK, and Canada. After YouTube takes a portion, too.

The price paid tends to be on the higher end of the range the longer the video is seen by viewers. Due to the fact that they last between 30 and 60 minutes, CJ SO COOL has perfected that aspect of videos.

The Youtuber typically receives 300K–500K views on his videos, which results in earnings of $300–5000 per video. CJ SO COOL rapidly produces a number of videos and earns thousands in a single month. For instance, the YouTuber has put out 19 videos in the last four weeks as of the publishing of this video.

The average number of views for each of the videos is 300,000. Therefore, the YouTuber’s sole source of income for the past month was video adverts.

CJ SO COOL’s Career Earnings

According to the views on his videos, CJ SO COOL has so far made over $29,294,529.6.

The sum is merely an approximation of the man’s AdSense earnings. His income may double if sponsorship arrangements are taken into account. He frequently collaborates with Seat Geek as a sponsor. For product promotion, businesses are prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

As a result of his frequent gifts, CJ SO COOL wins the respect of both his sponsors and fans. The YouTuber also broadcasts regularly to his 117K Twitch fans on that platform. Another source of income for him is Twitch, where he accepts fan donations and makes money from subscriber counts.

How Much IS CJ SO COOL’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, the American YouTuber CJ SO COOL’s net worth is predicted to be $7 million.

Through his YouTube channel, AdSense, sponsorship agreements, and music, he has accumulated his money. Since he first joined the site, CJ SO COOL has been relentlessly producing material, amassing over 1000 videos on his channel.

The Youtuber’s annual income is thought to be $600,000, while her monthly income is projected to be $50,000. Views to date total 2,441,210,797. With an average of 600,000 views per day on his channel, he generates an estimated $4,800 in daily earnings from just the videos’ commercials.