Who Is Avori Henderson From The Mole? Facts on Her Married Life, Job, and Net Worth

One of the cast members of the reality television program The Mole is Avori Henderson.

American professional gamer, streamer, and model Avori Henderson. She is garnering attention online after placing first in the high-stakes competition The Mole on Netflix, in which 12 participants collaborate to perform challenges and increase their reward pool.

Henderson is also one of the contestants whose personal mission is to assist female gamers. Netflix offers The Mole, with new episodes released every Friday. As a result, the information we’ve pro

vided in this article regarding Henderson’s personal and professional life has caught the interest of viewers.

The Mole: What Is Avori Henderson’s Job?

One of The Mole’s opponents is Avori Henderson. She was once a beauty pageant contestant model but has since changed careers to become a gamer, content creator, and philanthropist. The budding reality TV star turned down a profitable career in pageantry in order to work in gaming and create original content.

Henderson, who was born on May 15, 1996, will be 26 years old in 2022. Henderson also competed in the reality show against 55 other male Team USA players. In The Mole, Henderson uses a method where she analyzes each player and searches for discrepancies.

Henderson hosted the first all-female PUBG competition in 2019, making history. She competes against some of the best eSports players in the world as an XSET gamer. Henderson was the first female gamer from Ford Models to sign such a significant deal with the brand at the time of her deal, and she is also represented by the team and produces material for them.

Henderson has a variety of talents, which has allowed her to maintain a respectable fortune, and her net worth is steadily increasing.

Avori Henderson’s Net Worth in 2022

Avori Henderson earns a decent living, and according to certain web resources, her net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million. The upcoming reality television star has made a nice living off of her careers in modeling, gaming, streaming, and many other fields.

Henderson, as we all know, also used live streaming, and money also came from there. 2019’s first all-female PUBG event was hosted by her, and more than $100,000 was raised for organizations including FredHutch and the Children’s Miracle Network.

Henderson accumulated enough wealth and built a prosperous profession as a result. Henderson is still actively working, therefore her net worth will undoubtedly rise in the future. Henderson has managed to lead a good personal life in addition to her career. Let’s examine her marital history.

Avori Henderson Is Married to Her Husband

Avori Henderson is a married woman who enjoys her happy home life with her spouse, David Strib. The Filmmaker and creative director is her husband.

Henderson and her husband may not have started dating right away, but we may infer that they have been dating for a while. The couple reportedly got engaged in December 2021.

After a year, the couple decided to move forward with their romance and got married on January 3, 2022. Henderson and her husband have shared a husband-and-wife relationship ever since.