Age Difference Between Anaida Poilievre and Her Husband Pierre Poilievre

Anaida Poilievre, formerly Anaida Galindo, is Pierre Poilievre’s wife and a Senate aide.

Poilievre was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but when she was eight her family moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Galindo has dual citizenship with Venezuela and Canada as a result of her immigration status.


Poilievre settled into life in Canada after arriving there and earned an honors bachelor’s degree in arts with a specialization in communications from the University of Ottawa. Since 2008, she has held a number of important positions, including the Whip and the Government Leader.

In her capacity as a senator’s aide, she handles media relations, strategic communications, and political counsel.

Poilievre speaks French, Spanish, and English fluently. She has worked in the Canadian House of Commons’ Chambre des communes since 2015.

Since January 2018, she has been married to Pierre Poilievre.

Age Difference Between Anaida Poilievre and Her Husband Pierre Poilievre

Despite not knowing her exact birthday, Anaida Poilievre is nine years younger than her husband and 34 years old.

Pierre Poilievre was born on June 3, 1979, and Anaida Poilievre was born somewhere in 1987.

Anaida Poilievre’s early life is largely unknown, with the exception of her immigration from Venezuela.

She has more than seventeen recommendations on her LinkedIn page, demonstrating the level of respect she has earned in her personal life. The early years of Pierre Poilievre are well known, and they were complicated.

When Poilievre’s biological Irish Canadian mother gave birth to the Politician, she was only 16 years old.

The boy was given up for adoption by his mother, and Marlene and Donald Poilievre, two Saskatchewan educators, adopted him. He attended Henry Wise Wood High School and was born and raised in Calgary.

Poilievre, an adventurous young man, spent his formative years working as a paperboy for the Calgary Sun. Young Poilievre worked at Telus as a teen, making sales calls to companies to collect money for the company.

The young guy has always been interested in politics. At the age of 16, he joined the Reform Party of Canada.

After a period of studying commerce, the politician then traveled to the University of Calgary to study international relations.

He first dropped out of school without earning his degree, but he later returned and earned his Bachelor of Arts in 2008.

Poilievre once wrote an article titled “Building Canada Through Freedom” while still in his second year of college. The work won $10,000 and was later collected in an essay collection.

Poilievre, who was then President of the national Progressive Conservative Youth Federation, frequently fought with Patrick Brown, a potential leadership rival, while he was still in college.

Anaida Poilievre Is The Wife Of Pierre Poilievre

Anaida Poilievre met her politician husband Pierre while working as a political staffer. The couple eloped in Portugal in 2017 and were married the next year. Pierre is a long-time Member of Parliament for Carleton and former Minister of State for Democratic Reform.

In November 2014, Pierre Poilievre was appointed as the critic of the Minister of Finance by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He served in this role for less than a year. In 2015, he became a critic on issues relating to Employment, Labour, and Work opportunities.

Pierre Poilievre became the Conservative Party’s Leader and Opposition Leader in September 2010. He succeeded Candice Bergen and would stay in office until February 2022. His most popular actions have been to propose implementing a pay-as-you-go law to eliminate the deficit.

In his bid to become Conservative Party leader, Pierre Poilievre sold 311,958 out of 678,708 memberships. His campaign raised $4,042,717 through 36,804 individual donors. This is more than half of the amount fundraised by the other six candidates combined.

How Many Children Does Anaida Poilievre Have?

Anaida Poilievre and her husband Pierre have two children, a daughter and a son. She has 6,356 followers on Instagram and 14.5K followers on Twitter. Her daughter was born on October 17, 2018, and her son will be born in 2021.

She has more than 300,000 followers and is very caring towards her husband. He wakes up every morning and makes a cappuccino for her before telling her about his election victory.

What Is Anaida Poilievre’s Nationality And Ethnicity?

Anadia Poilievre is a Canadian national, but also holds Venezuelan nationality due to her immigrant status. She named her children in a traditional Latin manner to honor her heritage. The woman is also an entrepreneur as she co-founded Pretty and Smart Co., an online magazine for women by women.

How Much Is Anaida Poilievre’s Net Worth?

Anaida Poilievre’s net worth is estimated at $9 million due to her political career. She has earned most of her income from being a Senate Aide and her online magazine. Also worked in Marketing for Greco Fitness for eleven months in the mid-2010s.