Faisal Abdalla: Who Is He? What We Know About The Fitness Trainer Is As Follows

Barry’s Bootcamp and Nike master trainer Faisal Abdalla, often known as Mr. PMA, has worked with a lot of famous people. Ellie Goulding, Harry Styles, Ella Eyre, John Newman, and Jorja Smith are all well-known pop performers.

A good diet, intense exercise, and a positive attitude, according to the personal trainer, are the only three basic guidelines for looking and feeling fantastic.

His key guiding principle is having a positive outlook, which he applies to both his gym routines and social media accounts.

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He works as a master trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp and Nike, has over 87,500 Instagram followers, and most recently collaborated with The Body Coach Joe Wicks.

Who Is Faisal Abdalla?

  • PMA Fitness was started by celebrity trainer Faisal Abdalla, who resides in London.
  • He works with famous people including Ella Eyre and Ellie Goulding as a senior master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. He is also a Men’s Health elite coach.
  • With the exception of Sundays, Faisal has been a fitness instructor for almost five years. He trains six days a week.
  • For fat loss, he recommends weight-based strength training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • Being featured in periodicals like The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health, to mention a few, has made him well-known in the media.
  • His irrepressible enthusiasm and upbeat outlook have earned him the nickname “Mr. PMA” among clients. Hip & Healthy magazine rated him one of London’s top personal trainers.
  • In addition, he shared the list of fittest men on the planet with Conor McGregor, Andy Murray, Usain Bolt, and Anthony Joshua on Askmen.com.
  • He is certain that most people’s mindsets are the crucial missing component in their fitness journeys.
  • Even if you have access to the best nutritionists and trainers in the world, says Faisal, if your mindset is off, you’re setting yourself up for failure repeatedly.
  • According to him, you enter a new universe with more potential and fewer limitations when you learn that your mind, not your body, controls your limits.
  • You can get in touch with Faisal through his new four-week strength and conditioning programs or through his PMA Fitness YouTube channel.
  • If you prefer a one-on-one setting, you may either engage his personal training services or purchase a copy of his training program, The PMA Method.
  • Every Saturday at 10 a.m. in London’s Victoria Park, Faisal conducts free Nike Training Club lessons if you don’t have the money to hire a celebrity personal trainer. Book your space right here.

How Old Is Faisal Abdalla?

Faisal Abdalla is in his mid-30s, but with all his workouts and diet plan, he appears much younger than his actual age. He rose to prominence after he started as a personal trainer for Ellie Goulding. At the age of 36, he is already married and has a four-year-old son named Raffi Abdalla.

Prince Harry’s wife, Louise Abdalla, is the founder of PMA Fitness Retreats. The couple has been married for more than nine years and recently celebrated their wedding anniversary on August 1, 2022. You can often see the family pictures on his as well as on his wife’s Instagram profile.

His wife says that it is proof that love is insane and you do crazy things in love. We wish the wonderful couple a lifetime of happiness and well-being.

Faisal was inspired to set the bar high for his clients who want to follow in his footsteps as a personal trainer.

Faisal Abdalla Is A London Based Author And Trainer

Faisal Abdalla is a London-based fitness trainer and author. He rarely talks about his origin and ancestor. His wife, Louise is born and raised in England and her parents still reside in the Cotswolds. The family often visits them as their son, Raffi adores them and the place.

Faisal Ahmed’s new book is designed to help you reset your mind and body. The author places such a high value on training both the mind and the body. According to him, you could run a 10k in record time, but if you’re not emotionally fit, you’re still a long way behind in my book.

There is a 14-day plan in his book designed to provide you with the ideas, tools, and motivation to reset your mental and physical health.