Is Chris Renfro Gay? Queer As Folk Actor: Gay or Married?

Are the rumors true about Queer As Folk Actor Chris Renfro Gay? Know more about him and his sexuality below in the article.

Chris Renfro is an actor, writer, comedian, sound designer, and baker. He played the role of role in Queer As Folk, Tom Swift, and Brooklyn NineNine for which he is best known for. Chris Renfro started his career with the UCB Theatre, (LA & NY). He is also a writer.

he is always loved as an actor by the audience. Chris has been producing and co-hosting the hit sold-out variety show, Gaysian AF. There are also sketch collaborations with Chris with CollegeHumor, DROP

OUT, and other online channels.

Is Queer As Folk Actor Chris Renfro Gay or married?

Chris Renfro has openly come out that he is gay. In one of the Instagram posts that Chris made in 2021 where they wrote “It’s an honor just to be gay.” Chris has been open about their sexuality and uses they/them as their pronoun, as per the social media bio.

Chris Renfro made another post on Instagram later introducing themselves as a gay writer. He has more than 13k followers on Instagram. where he regularly posts pictures with his co-stars and of himself.

Currently, we could not find any information about him being in a relationship but he has been in relationships in the past. But as of now, it can be confirmed that the actor is not married yet. Chris Renfro has been very private regarding his personal life. He has not revealed who he is dating or if he is in a relationship or not. He has posted many photos with co-actors and friends on his Instagram but has not mentioned his love interest.

Chris Renfro Is An Actor

Chris Renfro is an Asian-American comedian, Actor, writer and, sound designer, from Riverside, CA currently in Los Angeles.

Chris Renfro, an actor, is known as one of the casts of Queer As Folk. Peacock’s reboot (Queer As Folk) of the groundbreaking LGBTQ series doesn’t feature any of the characters from the original series.

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