The Untold Story About Dominique Boxley, Anthony Fantano’s Wife, That We Know

Anthony Fantano is an internet music reviewer who is better known online as The Needle Drop.

Due to his passion for reviewing music of many genres, Fantano has labeled himself “the busiest music nerd on the internet.” He stands out from the majority of other music critics on YouTube and elsewhere because of the varied character of his reviews.

Fantano has gained 2.63 million members since he first started evaluating music in 2009. The sheer number of videos he has posted to his channel shows the enormous range of genres he has explored.

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The YouTuber has 3,904 videos posted as of the time this article was written. His popularity has grown to the point where he frequently conducts interviews with well-known performers like Denzel Curry and Joey Badass, to mention a few, and has been published in the New York Times.

He most recently engaged in conflict with well-known artist Drake, who insulted Fantano via Instagram direct message.

Who Is Dominique Boxley? Wife Of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano, the needle drop, who writes music reviews, is married to Dominique Boxley.

Dominique Boxley and Fantano made a conscious choice to keep their identities secret. This choice was made because, at a critical juncture in Fantano’s career, Boxley, through no fault of her own, aroused the wrath of some of the Youtuber’s admirers.

Due to the opinionated nature of his films, The Needle Drop has one of the most fervent fan groups on the entire of YouTube. Consequently, a small portion of his supporters did not enjoy it when Boxley appeared in his videos and voiced her own ideas.

They attacked the pair, particularly Boxley, as a result, and she stopped making her semi-regular appearances.

However, it would be negligent of the author to exclude one of the primary causes of Boxley’s bullying. She is African American, and some of Fantano’s less understanding followers attacked her because of it.

Fantano tried to defend his sweetheart and counteract the hostility, but Boxley had had enough and decided to stop appearing in his movies.

Boxley hasn’t appeared in any of Fantano’s videos since then, and he scarcely referenced her. Younger followers would be taken aback to learn that Fantano was married, and they would need to be informed as to why she is no longer featured in Fantano’s videos.

Since then, Fantano’s supporters have gotten significantly worse before improving. Fantano was briefly linked with the Alt-Right during that time.

Anthony Fantano’s divorce papers were leaked on Twitter by fans of Ken Carson and Destroy Lonely, two affiliates of the popular rapper Playboi Carti. He had given their albums a zero and one out of ten, respectively, and his ratings infuriated the fans of the two artists.

Fantano has been very openly left-leaning, as have most of his fans. However, he has not been immune to the scumminess of some of his listeners.

Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley’s divorce papers were released by fans of the rapper Playboi Carti. The divorce papers stated that Boxley was leaving Fantano for an undisclosed reason, while Fantano was the defendant.

The release of the papers led to an uproar on Twitter, as people argued about the morality of the issue. After all, it was a breach of his privacy.

Youtuber Fantano’s Twitter account was hacked by a small but vocal minority. They believed that Fantano deserved to suffer for his “bad” music takes.

These people were usually younger and didn’t have many critical thinking skills. Since Dominique Boxley has not been vocal on the internet, she had nothing to say about the Twitter leaks and has avoided the discussion.

Anthony Fantano’s Net Worth In 2022

The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano is thought to be worth $3 million. His YouTube channel, Adsense earnings, sponsorship agreements, and Twitch streaming have all contributed to his income.

Fantano signed up for YouTube on January 21 of that year and uploaded his first video in September. Since then, he has gathered 2.63 million subscribers and uploaded 3,904 videos on his channel.