Yes, as reported, Nicole Walters and her husband Josh Walters have divorced.

Richfriends club founder Nicole Walters is a motivational speaker, podcast host, and corporate trainer.

She has been presenting and performing on stages for more than ten years. She excels in public speaking and is renowned for being animated, entertaining, and educational.

Walters is one of the best-reviewed motivational speakers of all time, and audience members consistently gush about her at events.

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Nicole Walters and Josh Walters get divorced, is this true?

Yes, Nicole Walters and Josh Walters have divorced after nearly ten years of marriage.

When the Walters family debuted their USA Network television series She’s The Boss, viewers fell in love with them.

The reality television program was centered on the private lives of three people: executive assistant and closest friend of Nicole Walters, motivational speaker Josh Walters, their three adopted daughters, and Eddie.

The program made many people aware of Nicole, a driven businesswoman with a multimillion-dollar marketing empire, and her loyal and brisk stay-at-home husband, a lawyer.

From February 25, 2021, to April 1, 2021, there were just six episodes of the show, but the family, their sincerity, and their love for one another won over viewers.

The series was applauded for tackling the following topics:

The pressures of Nicole being a modern working woman
The pressures of their children going to college
The struggles of disciplining children
The questions revolving bringing another child into the family
Talking about the birds and the bees with your children
After six episodes, the show abruptly ended, to many fans’ despair. Still, the consensus among fans was that the show was some miniseries.

But as the year progressed, a lot of viewers began demanding a continuation or a second season. As there was no news, people began to query.

The moment Josh Walters, also known as Hubbin, deactivated his social media accounts and disappeared from the Internet, that was the first indication that something was wrong.

Following this, Nicole Walters began traveling to lose weight and uploading lots of photos of herself flaunting her new physique. Additionally, there were less images of Josh and her family.

The motivational speaker also started posting many affirmations revolved around the following topics:

Being okay on your own
Being guilt free for the choices you make
Becoming a better, more beautiful version of yourself
Her fans started wondering if there was something different about the motivational speaker or if anything had happened to her to spark this change.

That’s when it finally clicked, and some people began to wonder if she and Josh Walters had divorced. After many more cryptic messages and posts, Walters stated that she would tell everything to her audience in the first episode of the third season of her podcast.

Nicole admitted in the episode that she was starting to feel the strain of her regular job, her marriage, and the demands of the television show. When a good blood pressure should be 120 over 80, it got to the point where her reading was registering at 173 over 141.

She eventually had facial paralysis due to the pressure. She was terrified to acknowledge that she was now a television star.

She eventually came to a decision where she thought she had to end her marriage. She married Josh when she was 23 and they had been together for 23 years, so it was a difficult choice to make. Walters, however, stands by his choice because he thinks it was a wise one. She continues to.

Does Nicole Walters Have Any Children?

Nicole Walters has three daughters with her ex-husband Josh Walters. The eldest, Daya, is shy and didn’t want the attention of a million people.

Krissy has diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when she was only a teenager. After multiple treatments and chemo, Krissy is now classified as a survivor.

Ally Walters, the youngest child, is known as “LittleTiny.”

How Much Is Nicole Walters’ Net Worth?

Motivational speaker Nicole Walters has amassed a net worth estimated to be $9 million as of 2022. She grew up in Washington, DC, to struggling parents for whom money was perenially in short supply. Her father was an immigrant and a cab driver, but he never let poverty limit their opportunities.

She credits him with teaching her the value of hard work. By age 28, she was managing multibillion-dollar business relations for an international healthcare organization.

Nicole Walters worked hard for years to achieve all the things she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, but felt empty. When her husband became ill, she realized that she had been running a business on the side without realizing it. She has since turned her blog into a motivational speaking empire.